I visited birkenhead bmx dirt jump trails today


After meeting ben the original sculptor of  this diy landscape I headed down to check it out for myself. it was immediately evident that some seriously good, hard work had gone into these for sure. Dating from the mid- 90s these are some of the oldest bmx trails of this type in nz for sure, so props to the guys who continue the work today.  Out of a combination of respect and laziness I didnt take any pics, but you can check out this write up on Zombie bmx for a bit of background http://www.zombiebmx.com/blog/index.php/2011/06/birkenhead-dirt-jumps/

Auckland Hard Court Bike Polo



get em here and support some rad dudez playing the game they love.


23112012147 (1)

shoe gazer


back off !



patina: a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use.

23112012150i just love ratty functional bikes and their mysterious, rugged history.

Auckland city Jan 13.


Takapuna rat

18022013390spotted the other week in takapuna, rocking the type of patina that money cant buy but sure gets me interested. not sure about a fixed drive train without any foot retention, not even some of the very best did that for long. nice cockpit.


nice bosom(worth)

22012013282north shore bike spotting….


so freekin long since i posted anything, maybe no one reads this at all? focussing on being a half decent dad. some pics to follow..

cannondale modz

thanks skulls (and plagz for posting). summer steez.


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